Working with Devi

My vision

My dream is to create a new generation of leaders who make wise decisions based on intuition and agape–unconditional love–by being tuned into source and connected to Earth. Such leaders take action by following their inner calling, manifesting their own mission. They embody a presence in which gentleness and standing in one’s power co-exist, living from a place of inner truth and authenticity.

In this time we need leaders that are tuned to source. Leaders that meditate and that understand how to take experiences of higher states of consciousness into consistent states of being. This is true empowerment from within, humble, and unconditionally loving.

I am dedicated to supporting you to find your soul’s calling and your own inner truth. I am offering an embodied pathway of transformation. We believe we can change the world if we change within, one by one.

This is a pathway toward your true Self! It is a journey home!

I am here to tell you that you can trust yourself and that it is time to throw out any social, cultural, and parental conditioning. I will support you to identify your patterns and underlying beliefs and how to erase them out of your mind.

I envision you to connect to your higher frequency as your own inner power source for knowing what actions to take.

Live in Abundance, Authenticity, Synchronicity,
and Responsibility for Yourself and for Planet Earth!

My mission

My mission is to create global change by creating change within. I am here to support you being part of creating change.

The intent that you are setting, your goals, your dreams are what comes first. All of our offerings are to help you make the steps towards your desired outcome. From action plans to deep inquiry, to meditation practices that are easy to integrate, to somatic awareness, or creative expression to find your own answers.

The coaching, energy work, blog articles, monthly inspirations, group workshops, and retreats are meant to align you and your team or community with the highest alignment possible. I am here to serve you.

My philosophy

I believe in a new humanity in which we co-create, live in connection to source, and in sacredness to Mother Earth. I believe in taking responsibility for our own lives. And we do believe that with teaching transpersonal practices to the generations to come in order to live their lives from within that we can create new types of sacred relationships, in which the feminine and masculine are balanced and in which we honor each other.

  • Authenticity
  • Intuition
  • Clear Intention

Honoring and integrating transformative experiences means honoring oneself. My hope is that with conscious leadership we can responsibly take this planet back into balance for generations to come.

What a private session looks like

We start out with a conversation about what matters to you in your life and your present commitments or challenges. I will guide you to your own answers from within through a variety of questions. We will look at the overall arch of your session goal within each session and over the time period we work together.

If you would like I will support you to identify socially created tendencies that no longer serve you and your community and suggest practices that will enable you to build new strength, standing up for what matters to you, a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle. A session may include additional modalities.

Soul Essence Coaching sessions are inquiry-based. They are meant for you to find your own truth from within. Whereas lightwork sessions are intuitive readings and clearing in your energy system. These include spiritual guidance.

The session will complete with a conversation about insights, action steps and affirmations for the manifestation of your dreams.

Suggested practices may include guidance for meditation, somatic awareness practices and/or movement that support you to identify the cues of your body and find more ease and relaxation.

24-hour cancellation policy. Full payment is required if a session is missed or canceled within less than 24 hours before the appointment.