What is it that we need to do for not reliving our unwanted patterns, for not embodying the energies again that we put so much effort into clearing them out?

The only answer I know is being a witness to yourself. It is an art to clearly and honestly witness oneself, accept with responsibility what is there, but then not to act it out. The witness in you is a power that stands behind your mental activity. Thoughts and tendencies are very powerful, but consider that you are even more powerful. You have a choice what you enact. You have a choice who you spend your time with.

May you be a beacon of light embodying love as an example for those around you. May others be inspired by your presence and by what you practice. May you stand up for what you believe in. In these times in which the darkness comes to the surface to be seen, may you recognize such and release it with forgiveness in yourself and in support of others.

May this turning of the darkest night back into the light be a return into your own soul remembrance. May you shine brightly and spread the love that you truly are.